This soap holder makes soap float

  • No drilling
  • No gluing
  • Always clean
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Soap holder for sink, bath and shower

New Generation of Magnetic Soap Holders


VARIO soap holder

Our patented Vario is our latest generation of magnetic soap dishes: the magnet is encapsulated in the suction cup. Since it has no contact with the soap or water, the magnet is protected for a lifetime.

  • The top part of the suction cup is closed: the magnetic force acts through the material of the suction cup
  • The magnet is protected within the suction cup and fixed in a removable way without glue
  • For all types of soaps up to 250g with excellent magnetic attraction and removability of the soap

Concept et Design by SAVONT. Made in Germany.

Vers le produit
The Vario magnetic soap holder from SAVONT has a magnet that is protected from water and soap
The  magnet of the SAVONT soap holder  is protected for life in order to save rare earths

Our bestseller enhanced
Our mission

We make using bar soaps easy

Utilizing a bar of soap brings a different quality than liquid soap. It transmits a sense of touch. It's like stopping time and has something meditative. Many soap fans feel this and care for their soap accordingly.

Our minimalist Classic Edition magnetic holder was our invention in 2017. From then on, soaps no longer had to soak inside a soap dish and would melt. Instead, thanks to our holder, they could dry quickly without any contact in a floating manner. Despite this success, we have not stopped to further think over and to improve our soap holder solution. After 2 years of development, we are proud to present the new Classic Protector magnetic soap holder.

  • Installs inside the washbasin, on the tiles of the shower or bathtub. The suction cup adheres to all smooth surfaces
  • Holds a soap bar of 150g permanently in any position. Weight can go up to 200g depending on the shape of the soap
  • Strong yet tiny suction cup – diameter of only 34mm
  • Always removable and can be re-attached. No drilling, no gluing; always clean
  • the soap goes back softly onto the soap holder
  • The magnet is protected for life

Designed and developed by SAVONT. Made in Germany.

To the product
The SAVONT soap holder  allows to fix a soap within a  washbasin  without drilling or glueing
SAVONT's magnetic soap holder can be installed in the shower, bathtub or sink

Why Savont soap holder?

Soap box rethought
Take your soap on the road

Savont Traveler Soap Box

The SAVONT Traveler soap box is a completely new concept. It combines a travel soap box with a removable magnetic soap holder.

Normally inside a soap box a moistened soap bar sticks to the bottom of the box. Draining grids only help to a limited extent, as the soap rubs off on them. Instead, we fix the soap inside the soap box using a magnetic soap holder. The soap floats, has no contact with the walls and dries completely.

While traveling you can take the soap holder out of the soap box and install it in the shower of your hotel bathroom, for example. Suspend your soap and enjoy it as usual without unnecessary loss.

  • Take your favorite soap with you when you travel
  • Your soap dries on the soap holder as well as in the soap box
  • Size of the soap box for soaps up to approx. 150g
  • made of recyclable, energy-saving PP

Concept and Design by SAVONT. Made in Germany.

To the product
Traveler soap box with sketch of a shower, how to install the included magnetic soap holder Jumbo in the shower

Our first video of the magnetic soap holder from 2018

Because it is still so lovely, we are still showing our first video from 2018 today. It shows the first version of our Classic Edition soap holder as we released it back then. My son Aaron explains how to use the simple principle.

  • Attach the suction cup in the shower or sink
  • Press the soap button into the soap
  • Attach the soap to the magnetic suction cup

The soap floats without any contact, can dry quickly and easily. When installing the soap holder inside the sink, you also have the advantage that no water will be transported outside the washbasin and everything stays dry and clean.

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