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Soap holder for sink, bath and shower

VARIO magnetic soap holder

The VARIO magnetic soap holder is our latest development. It combines innovation and technology resulting in high attraction of the soap onto the holder, durability and recyclability. The magnet has no contact with water nor soap: it is encapsulated inside the suction cup and is protected from rust.

The development process took over two years and more than 20 variants resulted. Not to use glue was especially important to us when designing the fixation inside the suction cup. This makes it possible to replace the suction cup or to remove the magnet for recycling. Since rare earths are so valuable, it was important to us to protect the core of the soap holder.

With a load capacity of 200g, you can attach even large soaps. The VARIO offers an impressive attraction for the perfect hold of the soap. And nevertheless, the soap can be easily removed.

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Suction cup soap holder without contact with the magnet
The magnet of the SAVONT soap holder is protected with a protector
Our Mission
We make using bar soaps easy

Utilizing a bar of soap brings a different quality than liquid soap. It transmits a sense of touch. It's like stopping time and has something meditative. Many soap fans feel this and care for their soap accordingly.

At the same time, solid soap is very ecological. Since it is concentrated, it cleans well, requires little packaging, and does not produce unnecessary CO2 by transporting water and plastic around, as liquid soap does. Nevertheless, liquid soap has replaced solid soap in many areas. One reason is that solid soap had to be placed into soap dishes where it rested in its own water. The soap became soft and was only unpleasant to use.

The idea of the floating soap holder was my own in 2017, as I couldn't find a solution where to put my soap neatly and dry. From that, SAVONT was born. Since then, we have been producing floating soap holders with magnets with great success. Still, we kept thinking about how to improve our magnetic soap holder. We wanted to give the magnet more resistance and the soap should be easier to remove from the holder for the whole weight range. That's how we developed the Protector. We believe that the product is now almost perfect:

  • the magnetic force acts through the material
  • at least 150g is the weight capacity of the soap holder, even up to 200g depending on the shape of the soap
  • softly and gently the soap goes back to the magnet holder
  • the magnet is protected for life

To make using bar soaps easier is our mission. We would be happy to help you as a soap maker or soap retailer to make your customers happier with your soap!

Phuc-An Tran, Founder of SAVONT

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Soap container with magnetic soap holder

New Product
For the (weekend) trip
Savont Traveler
The soap container that will let a soap float during your trip

Did you know that soap fans are talking on social media about how to take their soap(s) on vacation? The conversation includes using a washcloth, soap bags and, of course, the soap container. Many soap tins have draining grids, but no container can avoid loss: friction on the bottom of the soap container or draining grid will cause loss, especially if the soap has just been used and is damp.

The Traveler soap container solves this problem: it combines soap box with a magnetic soap holder in one.

  • the soap box includes a removable magnetic soap holder
  • the soap holder can be removed and fixed in the hotel shower
  • your bar soap floats on the soap holder
  • either in the soap box or in the shower
  • made of recyclable, energy-saving PP

Your soap customers will love you! And your soaps will love to go on travel around the world.

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The Traveler soap box unites a  suction cup soap holder with a soap box
Magnetic soap holder cap, 100% rustproof Made in Germany
Assured inoxidability
SAVONT soap discs for magnetic soap holder

Did you know that not all stainless steel is the same? We realized this when we looked at the market for soap plates for magnetic soap holers. All the soap plates we tried would rust as soon as the protective coating had disintegrated, or if a steel was used without a protective coating, the soap disc would rust on certain soaps.

Finally, we decided to do it ourselves and look for a stainless steel that would not rust when in constant contact with a soap. Finally, we also took the opportunity to design our soap plate so that it can be easily pressed into a soap, but still has a very firm hold there.

Thus, we offer to our soap holders only our own, guaranteed rust-proof soap disc, which we produce in Germany.

To the product

Installing our soap holder is easy as a pie

The simplicity of the soap holder is highlighted in our first video with founder Phuc-An Tran's son Aaron from 2018. The principle has remained the same. At that time still with the Classic Edition without Protector.

  1. Clean the appropriate spot in the sink, shower or bathtub
  2. Attach the suction cup
  3. Press the soap button into the soap. If the soap is very hard, follow our instructions in our FAQ area
  4. The soap can be magnetically attached onto the soap holder
The soap will float without any contact to another surface. It can dry quickly from all sides and will last longer.
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