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The idea of a soap box for floating soaps comes from the fact that after showering, a wet soap will stick in the soap box. If you take this soap out of the soap box later, a valuable soap residue remains on the bottom of the box.

Thus, we have developed a soap box that is smooth on the inside to receive our soap holder with suction cup on the bottom. The soap holder can be removed from the shower wall and installed in the soap box. The soap is then placed onto the soap holder.

The soap will be floating in the closed soap box and can completely dry.

Home and Travel Bundle: 3x Magnetic soap holders and 1x Traveler soap box
Your ideal start into the world of floating bar soaps The Home & Travel Bundle gives you affordable soap holders both at home and on the go. The set contains: 3x Classic Protector in small box Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo magnetic soap holder Product description Three Classic Protector soap holders for three soaps, e.g. shower bar soap, shampoo soap, hand soap bar or install soap holder each in the shower, washbasin and bathtub Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo soap holder. The Jumbo magnetic soap holder can be removed from the soap box and be used as a normal magnetic soap holder. During travel, the Jumbo fixes the soap bar inside the soap dish without contact to the walls Alternatively, the Classic Protector soap holders can also be used fixed inside the Traveler About SAVONT SAVONT is designer, developer, producer and original inventor of the floating soap holders since 2017. In 2022 SAVONT developed and patented the Traveler soap box.

SAVONT Traveler soap box with removable soap holder
with / without soap holder: Traveler mit Seifenhalter
The Traveler combines a traditional soap box with a magnetic soap holderThe Traveler soap box is designed to hold a magnetic soap holder from SAVONT on the bottom of the soap box. This is where you attach your soap. Due to the magnetic attraction, it is no longer in contact with any wall of the container and can dry. When you are on traveö, you can take the magnetic soap holder out of the soap box, attach it as usual in the shower or sink, e.g. in the hotel, and let your soap float. Product description The top and bottom of the soap container close automatically by plugging together. A circular tongue and groove element interlocks. It opens again by light pressure on the two outer sides your wet soap can dry in the closed soap box, as it has no contact with any walls the soap box prevents drops coming out of the container, but it is not designed to carry liquids the handle of the soap box is made of flexible silicone. By moving the connector you can adjust its width made of energy-saving and recyclable PP About the material We are frequently asked why we didn't use stainless steel. Compared to stainless steel, PP is more energy efficient. Stainless steel has to be cast and rolled and produces scrap during cutting. In addition, stainless steel is only permanently rust resistant in very high quality, such as for our soap button, being in constant contact with soaps. Cheap stainless steel soap boxes risk rusting as they are only coated. Product content incl. Jumbo 250g magnetic soap holder includes top and bottom of the soap box, strap handle and the so-called connector, with which you can tighten or widen the strap Dimensions please see picture The story behind As a soap fan, I used to use an ordinary soap container to put into my natural soap, when I traveled. It annoyed me that I always had soap loss when I put the wet soap into the soap box. When I took it out, a layer of soap had rubbed off onto the bottom of the soap can. After developing the floating soap holder in 2017, I worked on a soap box that would hold the soap holder in the closed can.  The result after numerous tests was phenomenal: the soap, wet after showering, dries in the closed can. Even a cold processed natural soap. So you have no loss and you also always have your soap holder with you.About SAVONTOur mission is to make the use of solid soap easier. develop, produce and assemble in Germany near Nuremberg.  We value sustainability. We pack in in natural or recycled paper.

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Traveler B-quality
Traveler soap box technically sound, possibly optical defectsOur patented soap box in which a suction cup soap holder can be inserted, like Protector-, Vario- or Jumbo Edition.Without soap tape and without soap holderTechnically flawlessThis soap box was produced in a color outside the series on a trial basis