Traveler B-quality


Product number: 7007
Manufacturer: SAVONT
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Product information "Traveler B-quality"
Traveler soap box technically sound, possibly optical defects

Our patented soap box in which a suction cup soap holder can be inserted, like Protector-, Vario- or Jumbo Edition.
  • Without soap tape and without soap holder
  • Technically flawless
  • This soap box was produced in a color outside the series on a trial basis
1x Magnetic soap holder Jumbo 250g in eco blister
Packaging: 1er Sattelreiter
Our Jumbo soap holder has been specially designed for large and heavy soaps.With its larger suction cup and stronger magnet, the soap holder carries soap bars up to 250g, such as larger Aleppo soaps. The soap holder allows the soap to float in the sink or shower. Drilling or gluing is not necessary. This also saves space because there is no need to have a soap dish on the sink edge. The soap is always clean as, unlike a soap dish, it no longer rests in its own water, but is suspended freely in the sink or on the shower tile.The Jumbo soap holder has a diameter of 52 mm and height of 16 mm when pressed on. Due to its strong neck, there is no downward bending even with heavy soaps. Unlike other models, the strong magnetic force is not achieved by using a soap button with a higher thickness, but by using a stronger magnet. Soap buttons with too high thickness are difficult to press into a soap, and also more easily tend to detach from the soap again. Where does the suction cup hold, where does it not?Holds on all smooth and non-porous surfaces: washbasin, shower, bathtub and tiles.non-porous are stone washbasins, marble, non-enameled stone tiles, as a precaution, try a suction cup of some kind on the spot as a precaution, try another suction cup on the spot you want to fix the soap holderCombination with Traveler soap container The Jumbo magnetic soap holder is also suitable for our Traveler soap dish. The suction cup can be attached onto the bottom of the soap box and allows a soap to float and to dry in the closed soap box when you are on a tripInfo: our "PROMO" soap box comes without a soap holder, which means you can use this Jumbo magnetic soap holder there. Our standard Traveler soap box includes the Jumbo soap holder.

Variants from €3.81*
Blue Edition soap holder with Protector
Exclusive special edition of our soap holder with blue magnet. The semi-transparent protector protects the magnet and gives a subtle yet appealing look to your bathroom. Stylish functionality and maximum quality!CharacteristicsThe soap holder technically corresponds to the Protector EditionPurity: The soap doesnt't touch the magnetGood hold of the suction cup on flat surfaces and in concavesLoad capacity up to approx. 150g100% rust protection for lifepacked in box of 56 x 20 x 60 mm

Home and Travel Bundle: 3x Magnetic soap holders and 1x Traveler soap box
Your ideal start into the world of floating bar soaps The Home & Travel Bundle gives you affordable soap holders both at home and on the go. The set contains: 3x Classic Protector in small box Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo magnetic soap holder Product description Three Classic Protector soap holders for three soaps, e.g. shower bar soap, shampoo soap, hand soap bar or install soap holder each in the shower, washbasin and bathtub Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo soap holder. The Jumbo magnetic soap holder can be removed from the soap box and be used as a normal magnetic soap holder. During travel, the Jumbo fixes the soap bar inside the soap dish without contact to the walls Alternatively, the Classic Protector soap holders can also be used fixed inside the Traveler About SAVONT SAVONT is designer, developer, producer and original inventor of the floating soap holders since 2017. In 2022 SAVONT developed and patented the Traveler soap box.

Vario Soap holder
The patented Vario represents the latest generation of SAVONT soap holders: the magnet is not inserted from the front of the suction cup, but from the back, the so-called vacuum side. The magnet has no contact with the soap, nor with water, and is thus permanently protected. The new soap holder has an adhesive surface with a diameter of approx. 40mm. Due to the strong magnet, a stable hold for soaps up to approx. 200g is realized. The soap holder is delivered ready plugged (see video). Product features Clear separation of cosmetic product and magnet Suitable for all kinds of solid soaps, shower soaps, natural soaps, curd soaps The magnet is protected from water and soap Stable carrying capacity up to approx. 200g