Protector for Classic soap holder


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Product number: 1201-3
Manufacturer: SAVONT
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Product information "Protector for Classic soap holder"

Better handling and lifetime protection for your magnet


  • the soap is gently and softly pulled back to the magnetic soap holder
  • the magnetic force acts through the material
  • the load capacity of the Classic with Protector is at least 150g
  • if your soap is rather flat the load capacity goes up to 200g
  • Your soap is easier to remove from the holder: this is important because the soap holder must have the strength to hold a new and large soap and at the same time not be too strong when the soap becomes smaller during usage

Magnet protection

  • the Protector seals the magnet and gives it lifelong protection
  • for recycling, take off the Protector and cut open the suction cup. You can retrieve the magnet

Usage & Cleaning

  • Dry the soap holder and especially the magnet and simply put the protector over the magnet
  • The Protector keeps your magnet tight and dry. Removing the Protector is not necessary and we do not recommend it.

Innovation from SAVONT

Despite the success of our floating magnetic soap holder, we thought about how we could further improve the product. With the development of the Protector we were able to optimize several points at once. The floating Classic soap holder and the Protector have been developed and designed by SAVONT in Germany.