SAVONT soap holder bundle with a soap bar is a useful gift

Our soap holders are very popular as gifts as well. Again and again we hear from customers that our soap holders were passed on as gifts. Giving the soap holder as a gift makes you being remembered, because every time the donee washes his hands, he comes into contact with the soap holder. The emotion when using the present is also very positive, because the soap used will always be clean and dry quickly after useage.

Our gift sets are suitable as a hostess gift, wedding gift, for baptism and of course, if you are giving away a soap present from handmade soap bars or artisan soaps.

108x Magnetic soap holders in compartments box, Protector added separately
Packaging: 108er Unverpackt
Our soap holders are especially suitable for the fans of solid soaps: shower soaps, hair soaps and, of course, for all those who like to make their own soaps in cold or hot process. The box offered here with 108x magnetic soap holders is particularly suitable for further processing, e.g. bundle of soap and soap holder, for soap makers and soap manufactures. Product features Suitable for all kind of soaps: hot or cold processed Lets your soap float and become a "design star". Our soap holder sets the stage The soap is suspended freely and can dry quickly Made in Germany suction cup holds on all smooth and non-porous surfaces: Washbasin, shower, bathtub and tiles Stone washbasins, marble, non-enameled stone tiles, mineral cast washbasins are not totally smooth: air will slowly diffuse into the suction cup. To be sure, please test a suction cup on the desired location before purchase Without drilling and gluing Load capacity at least 150g to 200g depending on the shape of the soap. The more flat the soap, the higher the carrying weight. Eliminate plastic bottles due to liquid soaps: the soap holder lasts for years and you can always attach a new soap to it Save space in the shower or at the sink Features of the Protector - innovation made by SAVONT the magnetic force acts through the protective material perfectly waterproof and lifelong protection of the magnet better handling: the soap is easier to detach from the holder, which is important when the soap becomes smaller the soap is gently and silently pulled back to the soap holder the magnetic force can even be adjusted! By inserting a thin cardboard disc between the protector and the magnet, the magnetic force can be reduced, e.g. for light, firm shampoos. The SAVONT soap holders are quite convenient: the soap can be grabbed where it is supposed to be. As the magnetic holder can be installed inside the sink, there is no need to reach outside the sink to fetch the soap. The solid soap is right at hand and the sink furniture stays clean. Also, your soap dries quickly and can drip directly in the sink. All kinds of soaps, be it cold processed natural soaps, solid shampoo or body soaps find their place on the shower wall. Many of our customers report having a whole "climbing wall" of soaps mounted on the wall. A large hanging shower caddy becomes superfluous. When the soap is used up, the soap holder can be reused. Clean the soap button and press it into the new soap. If the soap is very hard, please follow our instructions and soften the soap on a sponge beforehand. A soap bag is best for the small leftover bars. Our soap holders are flexible and can be repositioned at any time. Cleaning and care Cleaning: gently remove any soap residue from the holder with your fingers and water. To protect the vacuum surface, also rinse only with your fingers under running water or even clean only around the hanging suction cup. Small scratches on the vacuum surface of the suction cup, e.g. caused by scouring agents or often moving the suction cup over dry lime can reduce its tightness Apply the protector only on the dry suction cup and magnet Quality SAVONT soap holders enjoy enormous longevity: we have done long research for the soap button and tested materials for the suction cup. Regarding the soap button, not all stainless steel is the same. You will find that our soap button will not rust on any soap and will always remain shiny. The suction cup is flexible and can adapt to convex as well as concave curvatures. About SAVONT SAVONT is the original inventor of the "floating soap holder". We have been manufacturing our Classic soap holder near Nuremberg since 2017 and have been developing it further and further. In order to realize our qualitative "Made in Germany" products, we closely cooperate with small family businesses in Germany. We were awarded the Bavarian Climate Pact at the beginning of 2022.

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Classic Edition soap holder with Provence Soap
Soap type: Eselsmilchseife
Classic Edition bundled with a 100g Provence & Co. soap. Provence & Co. is a family-run savonnerie in the south of France.  Our SAVONT Classic Edition with ProtectorOriginal "Savon de Marseille soaps", certified AFSM ( Handcrafted according to the specifications of the AFSM - Association des Fabricants de Savon de Marseille Production in the Provence in the family business - no China goods (see Alibaba offers for fake Marseille soap) Fragrance creations and ingredients from the place "Grasse" in Provence. Perfume and fragrance capital. ( Soap production with palm oil from sustainable oil farming. Palm oil guarantees firmness, has a regenerating effect and protects against UV radiation.

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Home and Travel Bundle: 3x Magnetic soap holders and 1x Traveler soap box
Your ideal start into the world of floating bar soaps The Home & Travel Bundle gives you affordable soap holders both at home and on the go. The set contains: 3x Classic Protector in small box Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo magnetic soap holder Product description Three Classic Protector soap holders for three soaps, e.g. shower bar soap, shampoo soap, hand soap bar or install soap holder each in the shower, washbasin and bathtub Traveler soap box incl. Jumbo soap holder. The Jumbo magnetic soap holder can be removed from the soap box and be used as a normal magnetic soap holder. During travel, the Jumbo fixes the soap bar inside the soap dish without contact to the walls Alternatively, the Classic Protector soap holders can also be used fixed inside the Traveler About SAVONT SAVONT is designer, developer, producer and original inventor of the floating soap holders since 2017. In 2022 SAVONT developed and patented the Traveler soap box.

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Lavender & Peppermint soap with integrated soap holder "Ready-to-soap"
Ready-to-soap B2B B2C: B2C
Why has the solid soap been displaced by the liquid soap? The solid soap cleans well, is concentrated, does not need preservatives (compared to the liquid soap) and most importantly, it does not require a plastic bottle. The problem is where to put the soap. Solid soaps often rest in their soapsuds inside a soap dish. In contrast, a shower gel "acts" more hygienically. A sterile bottle encloses a liquid medium. But liquid soaps not only require preservatives because they contain water, they also generate unnecessary CO2 through logistics. Ultimately plastic waste, as generally the empty plastic bottle is thrown away. Despite all this, liquid soap is a simple thing for the consumer. "Ready-to-soap" is a concept that has the practical simplicity of liquid soaps or shower gels, but is far more ecological. At the same time, you'll enjoy the pleasant feel of solid soap. The soap comes with the soap holder already integrated. All you have to do is press the soap holder suction cup into the sink or onto the shower wall and you can immediately attach the soap magnetically. The soap itself is a lavender soap with sharp peppermint from Provence. We partner with a family-owned savonnerie that has several generations of experience making sustainable soaps. When the soap is used up, SAVONT offers replacement soaps. Ideal as a small gift promotional gift, branded employee gift motivates to change from liquid to solid soap We can individualize for you the packaging the soap button, also so called so disc the logo on the soap possible with and without protector Application Install the suction cup into the washbasin or in the shower Hang the soap onto the magnet of the suction cup - done! When the soap is used up, the soap holder can be reused; SAVONT offers replacement soaps Product content 1 piece Provence soap "Garrigue" 100g 1 piece Classic Protector soap holder, the soap plate is already pre-installed

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vegan - palmölfrei - 6% superfat - 130 g FrischegewichtWie frisch gepudert!Der Duft:Quietschsauberer und pudriger Duft nach Babypuder, fluffigen Schaumbädern aus der Kindheit und verträumten sanften Pfingstrosen.Was ist drin:Unsere bewährte Naturseifenbasis aus fünf hautverwöhnenden Ölen:  • luxuriöse Kakaobutter  • exotisches Kokosöl  • Extra Virgin Olivenöl  • regionales Rapsöl  • Bio-Rizinusöl vom tropischen „Wunderbaum“INHALTSSTOFFE:Verseiftes Kokosöl, verseiftes Olivenöl, verseiftes Rapsöl, Wasser, verseifte Kakaobutter*, verseiftes Rizinusöl*, Parfüm, Mineralien für Farben Blau & Rot, Kieselsäure INCI:Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Rapeseedate, Aqua, Sodium Cocoa Butterate*, Sodium Castorate*, Parfum, Silica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, CI77891, CI77491, CI77510, CI77861 (Allergene: Benzyl Benzoate, G-Methylionone, Geraniol**, Hexyl Cinnamal, Coumarin**, Citronellol**)*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau**natürlicher Bestandteil Ätherischer Öle

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