Lavender & Peppermint soap with integrated soap holder "Ready-to-soap" Private Label

Product information "Lavender & Peppermint soap with integrated soap holder "Ready-to-soap" Private Label"

Why has the solid soap been displaced by the liquid soap?

The solid soap cleans well, is concentrated, does not need preservatives (compared to the liquid soap) and most importantly, it does not require a plastic bottle. The problem is where to put the soap. Solid soaps often rest in their soapsuds inside a soap dish. In contrast, a shower gel "acts" more hygienically. A sterile bottle encloses a liquid medium. But liquid soaps not only require preservatives because they contain water, they also generate unnecessary CO2 through logistics. Ultimately plastic waste, as generally the empty plastic bottle is thrown away. Despite all this, liquid soap is a simple thing for the consumer.

"Ready-to-soap" is a concept that has the practical simplicity of liquid soaps or shower gels, but is far more ecological. At the same time, you'll enjoy the pleasant feel of solid soap. The soap comes with the soap holder already integrated. All you have to do is press the soap holder suction cup into the sink or onto the shower wall and you can immediately attach the soap magnetically.

The soap itself is a lavender soap with sharp peppermint from Provence. We partner with a family-owned savonnerie that has several generations of experience making sustainable soaps. When the soap is used up, SAVONT offers replacement soaps.

Ideal as a

  • small gift
  • promotional gift, branded employee gift
  • motivates to change from liquid to solid soap

We can individualize for you

  • the packaging
  • the soap button, also so called so disc
  • the logo on the soap
  • possible with and without protector


  • Install the suction cup into the washbasin or in the shower
  • Hang the soap onto the magnet of the suction cup - done!
  • When the soap is used up, the soap holder can be reused; SAVONT offers replacement soaps

Product content

  • 1 piece Provence soap "Garrigue" 100g
  • 1 piece Classic Protector soap holder, the soap plate is already pre-installed
Ready-to-soap B2B B2C: B2B Private Label, B2C
Soap by type of soap holder: Protector Edition