Private & White Label

SAVONT produces private label magnetic soap holders for soap makers

Are you a soap manufacturer or do you sell promotional gifts? Are you looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable promotional gift?

We can customize our soap holder according to your brand: own packaging design, equipment with or without protector. If you want the soap holder with protector, different colors are possible. Your emblem can be stamped onto the soap disc.

As a promotional giveaway, we can create a bundle of soap holder plus soap. The soap can also be stamped with your company logo and the soap button can be inserted into the soap by us. The customer only needs to install the soap holder in the bathroom and immediately has a floating soap. An advantage of this promotional gift is that the customer comes into contact with the soap and the soap holder several times a day, and thus with your company.

Lavender & Peppermint soap with integrated soap holder "Ready-to-soap" Private Label
Ready-to-soap B2B B2C: B2B Private Label
Why has the solid soap been displaced by the liquid soap? The solid soap cleans well, is concentrated, does not need preservatives (compared to the liquid soap) and most importantly, it does not require a plastic bottle. The problem is where to put the soap. Solid soaps often rest in their soapsuds inside a soap dish. In contrast, a shower gel "acts" more hygienically. A sterile bottle encloses a liquid medium. But liquid soaps not only require preservatives because they contain water, they also generate unnecessary CO2 through logistics. Ultimately plastic waste, as generally the empty plastic bottle is thrown away. Despite all this, liquid soap is a simple thing for the consumer. "Ready-to-soap" is a concept that has the practical simplicity of liquid soaps or shower gels, but is far more ecological. At the same time, you'll enjoy the pleasant feel of solid soap. The soap comes with the soap holder already integrated. All you have to do is press the soap holder suction cup into the sink or onto the shower wall and you can immediately attach the soap magnetically. The soap itself is a lavender soap with sharp peppermint from Provence. We partner with a family-owned savonnerie that has several generations of experience making sustainable soaps. When the soap is used up, SAVONT offers replacement soaps. Ideal as a small gift promotional gift, branded employee gift motivates to change from liquid to solid soap We can individualize for you the packaging the soap button, also so called so disc the logo on the soap possible with and without protector Application Install the suction cup into the washbasin or in the shower Hang the soap onto the magnet of the suction cup - done! When the soap is used up, the soap holder can be reused; SAVONT offers replacement soaps Product content 1 piece Provence soap "Garrigue" 100g 1 piece Classic Protector soap holder, the soap plate is already pre-installed
Magnetic Soap holder 150g with or without Protector - Private Label
Are you a soap manufacturer, a soap producer or a dealer of household products or promotional items? Would you like to offer our magnetic soap holders under your own brand? We offer numerous solutions. For example, our soap holders have already been given as employee gift, bundled with a soap. We supply organic stores and offer our solution as private label for the camping, sailing and boat industry, the possibilities are endless. SAVONT is innovator and market leader in the area of magnetic soap holders that make a soap float. Since the beginning of 2022, we have been manufacturing the magnetic soap holders in our new and large production hall near Nuremberg in Germany. Bar soaps are very much in trend. They are more ecological and economical than liquid soap: soap bars are concentrated, their cleaning efficiency is high, and they do not require a plastic bottle or any preservatives. Even their CO2 footprint is much lower, since no water , which makes up most of the liquid soap, has to be transported during logistics. The only disadvantage of bar soaps is its storage, which we solve by the floating soap holder. Our mission is to make the using of bar soaps easy. We consider ourselves working alongside with soap the manufacturers. Take benefit from our know-how and we are happy to inspire your customers. Your options in private label Magnetic soap holder 150-200g holding capacity with and without protector Magnetic soap holder 250g holding capacity without Protecto Soap discs, soap buttons in neutral or individualized Different packagings possible with your design: x1 or x3 Pack Eco- and recycled cardboard possible We provide you with an InDesign (indd) template, you send us your print data, we take care of the imprint Packaging by our own in-house team possible We are looking forward to let the soap float. Send us your request to